As with our Australian and New Zealand Human Resource Partners, we provide an extended service for our International Human Resource Partners as well.


We provide a dedicated salesforce working for you targeting Australian and New Zealand organisations as well as in the Asian region. We also provide a resource centre that allows you to have access to candidates from these areas as well and build on your database.


This will allow you to expand your operations within the Asian region (especially Australia) and also be able to free up your time to do what you do best – recruit & consult ! You may already have a presence in these countries but are not getting the results you are expecting - this is where we can help.

We are a professional sales organisation that is profit driven for our Human Resource Partners. We have representation in Australia, New Zealand and Asia that provides you with a presence that your competitors don't.

Many of our clients are expanding their search now globally through Maxum Consulting which provides you with an amazing opportunity to increase your business operations at a low cost whilst receiving a positive return - talk to us how we can do this for you.

"We work for you to build you business on an international scale"

Maxum Consultings outsourced sales service through our Business Process Outsourcing unit include:

  • Business Development – Providing proactive cold calling, sourcing and responding to tenders from our target list and also your target list,  marketing and branding of your company.

  • Account Management – Client management, margin management, networking events, client mapping, access to exclusive roles.

  • Candidate Resourcing -  Proactively and reactively sourcing candidates, screening, interviewing and preparing candidates, shortlisting candidates, booking interviews for our Human Resource Partners, reference checking, candidate database management and administration.

  • Market Ready Intelligence - Maxum subscribe’s to a 70,000 strong relevant decision maker database providing up to date information for our partners (updated daily).

  • Incremental Income - We provide a profit sharing scheme to further provide you with a ROI.

  • National and International coverage - Maxum will promote your brand throughout all states of Australia, New Zealand and across Asia.

  • Pursuit meetings – We conduct regular sales meetings with our Human Resource Partners to discuss current and future targeted clients and how to work best with them.

  • Aligning ourselves with your companys cultural values and be aware of your goals.

  • Provide a tailored Service Level Agreement ensuring that Maxum Consulting BPO is accountable for agreed KPIs and implement our continual improvement process programme to achieve congruent goals.

So - what are you waiting for, contact us today at to find out how you can grow your business in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.