Maxum Consulting Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 These Terms and Conditions govern the Maxum Rewards Program. It is the Clients responsibility to read and understand them.

1.2 These Terms and Conditions are effective as of September 1st 2016 and may be amended by Maxum Consulting from time to time. The current Terms and Conditions are as follows.

2. Qualification for Maxum Rewards

2.1 To qualify for Maxum Rewards, you, the client agree to abide by all the conditions outlined below. In order to qualify for the below temporary/contracting and/or permanent rewards program, you, the client must pay the full Maxum Consulting fee or an agreed fee for the nominated 12 month period. Any altered agreement must be in writing and signed by you the client and a director of Maxum Consulting.


2.2 To qualify for Maxum Rewards, you, the client agrees to pay all invoices in full within 7 days or else the undertaken recruitment assignment does not qualify towards the temporary/contracting and/or permanent rewards program and will be counted as a separate recruitment assignment outside of these terms and conditions.


4. Temporary/Contracting Recruitment -  Maxum Rewards Qualification


Every calendar month that you hire a temporary or contract candidate from Maxum Consulting, we agree to provide you with a minimum 1/2 a day (up to 4 hours) free of charge for a temporary or contract candidate to be used within 30 days. The more candidates that you hire from Maxum Consulting, the more rewards that you receive. You can receive up to 10% savings on your temporary/contracting recruitment services.


                     Hours worked                              Maxum Reward                  Client Savings

             (in any calendar month)                          (in hours)


                           112                                                     4                                           3.5%

                           128                                                     6                                           4.5%

                           144                                                     8                                           5.5%

                           160                                                   10                                              6%

                           176                                                   12                                              7%

                           192                                                   14                                           7.5%

                           208                                                   16                                              8%

                           224                                                   18                                           8.5%

                           240 +                                                24                                            10%


5. Permanent Maxum Recruitment - Rewards Qualification


Over the course of a 12 month period, once you reach the below level with our permanent recruitment services through any of Maxum Consulting permanent recruitment services (Start Recruit and/or Maxum Permanent recruitment service) Maxum Consulting will provide you with a free permanent recruitment service to be used within the following 12 months.

          Permanent Recruitment                    Maxum Reward                  Client Savings

              (12 month period)  


              $25 000 - $49 999                               $1250                                          5%                                           

              $50 000 - $74 999                               $3 750                                       7.5%   

              $75 000 - $99 999                               $7 500                                        10%   

              $100 000 - $150 000                           $12 500                                  12.5%   

              $150 000 +                                          $22 500                                      15%


6. Activity Statements

Clients may access their reward activity statement at any time via email at, otherwise an activity statement will be provided at the beginning of every quarter (based on calendar year) via email to your nominated email address.


Maxum Rewards means the loyalty program managed by us under whom clients have registered with Maxum Consulting may qualify for rewards under these terms and conditions.